Two Factor Authentication – The First Meeting

by Carly
15 August 2015

A couple of weeks ago, the first “Two Factor Authentication” meeting of the WordPress Core team took place and the community was excited to hear the results.

In the first meeting general issues such as meeting times, division of labour and general questions were brought up, and a chairman for future proceedings is currently being searched for. It looks as though the ball is rolling on this new group, so we’re excited to find out more and are waiting for updates on future meetings.

The “Two Factor Authentication” method is exactly what the name suggests: an authentication method that is comprised of two methods. Users must be able to identify themselves by two things, usually with something that they know (a password), and something that they possess (a code texted to a mobile phone). Services that operate over the internet, such as home banking, are thereby made much more secure by the process and hacking attempts are reduced.