Web Design Trends of 2016

by Carly
05 February 2016

Web design is a rapidly developing market and new trends are emerging every year. The freelancer’s marketplace, Creative Market, has created a list of their top predicted web design trends for 2016. In order to be able to create this list, Creative Market have considered everything from technology to user experience and responsive design. The following trends are a small excerpt from their full article:

Minimalism and Flat Design

Minimalist designs boomed in 2015 and will continue to be used in 2016. Following the motto: “Less is more”, the focus is placed on the important things and omits unnecessary frippery.

“Nerdy” Vintage Style, Inspired by the 80s

The colourful 80s and 90s inspired one of the latest trends that we may well see more of this year. Pixelated icons and texts, galactic backgrounds and interactive animations are likely to be used again in 2016.

HD Visual Assets

Increased bandwidth, widespread browser support of HTML5 video, and high resolution retina screens enable the integration of HD wallpapers and videos. This trend started already in 2015 and this year is set to reach its peak.

Interactive Experiences

With the magic of HTML 5, CSS3 Transitions and Animations, JavaScript APIs as WebGL or Greensock, and increasingly powerful hardware, nothing stands in the way of interactive storytelling growing bigger, better and more sophisticated than ever.

Details of all the other predicted trends can be found on Creative Market!