WooCommerce 2.5 Arrives

by Carly
24 February 2016

The latest version of WooCommerce, “Dashing Dolphin”, is now available and can be updated via the WordPress dashboard.

In WooCommerce 2.5, improvements have been made to the speed of the stores. The session handler has been revised so it stores less temporary data in the database, which dramatically increases the loading speed of a site. In addition, several pages in the backend and layout of the e-mail settings page have been improved.

WooCommerce 2.5 makes configuring and administering customer emails much easier and improvements were also made to the REST API. Data for product labels, product categories, shipping classes and taxes can now be read and modified easily.

As we all know, a new version is never released without at least one new feature being added. The WooCommerce team has added WP-CLI support, so you can now control your page via the “Command Line”. You can learn more about Dashing Dolphin via the WooCommerce site.