WordPress 3.6 – What’s New?

by ThemeAlert
26 May 2013

The brand new version of WordPress 3.6 is (almost) here, complete with its new, sophisticated features, revised settings and a brand new interface.

The WordPress 3.6 Beta 3 was recently put to the test after beta 1 went online in early April and was immediately checked by diligent WordPress enthusiasts for its suitability. Thanks to the support of all the testers, over 100 changes were made and various initial extensions were placed on ice. WordPress 3.6 is now in the final stages of development and will hopefully soon be available to all WordPress users. Until then, here’s a little summary of the planned new WordPress 3.6.

In the foreground is the modernisation of the user interface and a more simplified operation for the customer. The new colour scheme of the 3.6 version is to bring better clarity to the eye and to look good on screens with high resolution.

In terms of new features, WordPress puts emphasis on the functions for editing content. The new WP features will count, among other things, the revised menu management feature; which has been available to us since version 3.0 and has, since then, improved significantly.

Another addition will be the autosave feature that automatically saves every 15 seconds in the local browser archives, thereby preventing the loss of posts and edits. Moreover, a post-locking feature is provided to prevent users from overwriting any of the changes made, as well as a login timeout warning.

Also, a lot of improvements have been made to the post formats, allowing you to incorporate audio and visual files into a post without an extra plugin. And finally, WordPress have made more accurate information on the recent changes available and it is all delivered in a clear format.