WordPress 4.2 Release Candidate

by ThemeAlert
16 April 2015

It was announced yesterday that the release candidate for WordPress 4.2 is now available, with the potential for WordPress 4.2 to go live on Wednesday April 22nd – so we don’t have long to wait!

In his announcement post, developer Drew Jaynes sent out an open message to any users wanting to test the release to do so as soon as possible, as any last minute bugs need to be reported in time for a fix before 4.2 goes live. Although, of course, don’t try testing on your live site!

Any bugs you find can be reported to the Alpha/Beta support forum, so the team can get cracking on a fix ahead of next week’s potential release date. We’ve all got our fingers crossed that no last minute changes delay the release, and if everything goes well we could all be trying out a new version of WordPress by the middle of next week!

A master list of the whopping 140 changes that have been made since Beta 4 was released has now been posted, so do check out the list to get a preview of some of the improvements we can look forward to seeing in WordPress 4.2.