WordPress 4.3 Beta Released

by Carly
07 July 2015

Last week saw the release of the WordPress 4.3 beta 1, which testers have spent the last few days eagerly getting to grips with ahead of the full version’s targeted August 18th release date.

So, now people have had time to learn more about WordPRess 4.3, what do we know so far?

First, passwords are set to be more secure. WordPress’ password strength indicator has been tightened up, with users being warned if they choose a weak password and a secure password will be suggested to them. Additionally, passwords will no longer be sent via email.

There have been some improvements to the Press This feature as well, with a text editor being included to make it even simpler to compose posts.

Next up, 4.3 will include a site icons feature that allows users to upload an image to be used as the site’s favicon. This is set to be a welcome change, as users will no longer have to find a favicon plugin to do the job.

A small but exciting change that is sure to leave all admins with a smile on their face is the that comments on pages will now be switched off by default – no more remembering to switch them off manually!

There’s definitely a lot more left to learn about WordPress 4.3 but the points above are the main things being circulated by beta testers right now. As we get closer to the August release date we’ll likely hear about more new features, so watch this space for further updates!