WordPress.com Acquires Code For The People

by ThemeAlert
10 November 2014

Last week saw some fantastic news for the UK WordPress community, as UK-based WordPress development agency, Code For The People, was purchased by Automattic.

The press release about the acquisition confirms that Automattic are ‘winding down the consulting part of their business as they join our WordPress VIP team to continue building the best tools and services for enterprises using WordPress’.

The Code For The People team have been working with the WordPress.com VIP team for a number of years, collaborating on projects for shared customers, and through Code For The People’s numerous contributions to WordPress’ open-source community.

It’s great to see a homegrown company getting such fantastic recognition, and as Automattic said themselves:

‘While Automattic has always been a distributed company, and WordPress.com VIP a global team, we’re excited to expand coverage for our European customers as well.’