There are plenty of outsourcing platforms out there: Elance, PeoplePerhour and oDesk, to name but a few. However, there’s a relative newcomer to the scene who does things a little differently. Enter: Codeable. Founded in January 2013, the company is a WordPress-only outsourcing platform that is focused entirely on customer service.

Codeable has a team of 95 handpicked and prescreened WordPress experts who work through their platform and have completed more than 7,700 tasks since their inception last year. As quality is their priority, they’re understandably proud of their customer service record, which sees 98.9% of the tasks completed on their website receive a five star rating.

Codeable’s fantastic reputation means it’s great news for both customers and the WordPress team, as repeat business is a common occurrence, which gives clients an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with talented developers. As co-founder and CEO Per Esbensen says himself:

“59% of all our clients are returning once they’ve completed their first task and 82% of our agency clients build an ongoing relationship with their 1-2 preferred experts.”

So whether you need that element on your site modified or you’re looking for a full redesign, why not choose Codeable and join thousands of other satisfied site owners?