The process of working with a customisation agency to create your perfect business site has the potential to get confusing if too many stages are involved. Romanian-based customisation agency, CodeinWP, realised this early on and strive to make the process as simple as possible for everybody involved.

To help keep things streamlined and to cut out any confusion, they outline a three step system on their website:

‘You send the files. We do the magic. You get the Theme!’

It’s that simple. You outline the changes you want them to make, send your files across and receive your perfectly customised design shortly afterwards. To ensure complete satisfaction, CodeinWP give you the opportunity to test your new and improved WordPress site in a demo area before it goes live, so you can ensure everything is just the way you want it.

As they say in their own words:

‘As you may have gathered from our website, our team is focused exclusively on WordPress. We work primarily with agency partners or freelancers such as yourself, acting as their remote development team.’

Plus, between them they code and design over 15,000 lines of code and 2 mil pixels every single day – now how’s that for productivity?