‘WordPress Meets Git’ Solution Backed by Credo Ventures

by Carly
06 November 2015

If you manage your own WordPress site then you’re probably well aware how simple, yet frustrating it is to accidentally make incorrect changes to your site. Whether you’re tweaking the code or trying out new plugins, we’ve all been there and many back up systems won’t allow you to jump back to your desired timestamp.

This is where VersionPress are hoping to change the game. The Prague-based company are hoping to offer version control for all things WordPress, allowing users to enjoy the benefit of an ‘undo button’, using software built on top of Git.

It’s a great day for VersionPress fans, as Credo Ventures have just agreed to fund the project, with a significant $400,000 backing. In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Borek Bernard (VersionPress’ founder) said the following:

“If something breaks a site, be it a failed update or a human mistake, there is no easy way back. It’s like if MS Office had all the rich functionality but no undo button. It’s hard to imagine but WordPress is like that today, which we aim to fix.”