WP Daily Comes To an End – And Leaves Riddle-Like Remains

by ThemeAlert
11 July 2013

Sadly WP Daily, the WordPress news site delivering daily theme, plugin and general community updates, has announced (albeit very quietly) that they have, in their words, ‘pulled the plug.’ Their site, rather than donning the regular homepage filled with blog posts, is now a single page left with a poetic, perhaps even riddle-like, note.

WP Daily

The news comes after WPMU’s recent article on the difficulty of keeping WordPress news sites afloat, where they discuss an interview with WP Tavern’s Jeff Chander on the subject, as well as recent string of similar discussions within the WordPress community.

Despite the 60-plus responses in the comments section on WP Daily’s remaining page, there is still no word from the author of the site, leaving many questions unanswered.

Aside from the questions why didn’t WP Daily sell or why didn’t they leave the site’s content published, the primary question, spelled out by WPMU for the rest of us, still remains paramount: is there a future for WordPress news sites?

(We think so).