Writing 101 with WordPress

by ThemeAlert
31 March 2015

We know, we know, how on earth is it April tomorrow? Still, spring is here, the weather is warming up and a brand new month is upon us, so how about taking on a new challenge this April? WordPress’ Writing 101 is back next week, with the course running from April 6th to May 1st.

Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit is perfect for any site out there that runs a blog – whether it’s a personal lifestyle blog or a corporate blog that’s integrated with your company’s site.

Each weekday users will be given a prompt and an optional ‘twist’ that inspire them to create more versatile, compelling and successful website writing. Things are left purposely relaxed, so you can put your own spin on things and write content that suits your needs – though there’s no pressure to publish your content on your site if you’d rather keep it private. The only requirement is that you write something every weekday throughout the month.

So what do you think? Ready to take on the challenge and hone your writing skills? If so, head over to WordPress.com to register.